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As a System & Integration Specialist, I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them streamline their online processes so they can focus their valuable time & energy on growing their business. 

Part of being an online business owner (or any business owner for that matter) is knowing what you excel at and what holds you back.

YOU are at your best when you are in your ‘Zone of Genius’ doing the things that excite you and move your business forward. Everything else drains your excitement and slows your progress. And those are the areas where you are best served to seek support.

You should be spending your time focusing on what you do best - writing, creating, coaching, speaking (whatever that might mean for your business).

You shouldn’t be spending your time on things that zap your energy and focus. And for many, that means the ‘techy-logistic stuff’ - marketing automations, system set-ups, integrations, content management, etc.

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my services

Every person I work with comes to me for a different reason and with different needs. No two clients are ever the same (which I LOVE) and that means flexibility is extremely important to them.

So while I don't have a traditional 'Services Menu' as you might be hoping to find, just click on one of the following services to learn a bit more about how I can support you in that specific area. 

Email &
Marketing Automation


Relationship & 
Content Marketing

1 : 1 Training
& Support

Depending on YOUR needs and vision, we can create an ongoing long-term partnership or simply work together on a one-time project. The choice is completely up to you! No matter your preference, I bill based on my hourly rate only for work done  - so you don't need to worry about being 'on-the-hook' with me for a bulk # of hours each month.

a little about me...

  • I would live in flip-flops all year long if Canadian winters allowed for it.
  • The best candy in the world is M&Ms - hands down. There's no denying it! 
  • Between April - October, I fully organize my schedule around the Toronto Blue Jays game schedule.
  • cog
    My PEL (pre-entrepreneurial life) was devoted to the world of event management within the luxury resort market. 
  • cog
    I live in a town of no more than 500ppl and I absolutely LOVE it! #community
  • cog
    For years, I told my program engineer Dad that I would never end up working in the computer industry. Guess who's laughing now?! haha 

Katrina is an incredible communicator, expert of all things ActiveCampaign and MemberVault. She is an invaluable part of my team. I rely on her daily to keep my business running smoothly and effortlessly. She has an eye for detail and has a thoughtful and generous way of expressing her opinions in order to elevate your success. If you are ready to build your team up with people you can rely on and have fun with, Katrina is the person to bring on.

Tricia Brouk

Award winning director, writer, filmmaker, TEDx producer and executive producer of Speakers Who Dare