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Big Hellos, 

I couldn't be happier to have you stop by my little corner of the interweb! 

If you're an entrepreneur or small business owner who is completely fed up and frustrated by the 'online' aspects of your business, then you, my newest friend, have come to the right place

Chances are that you LOVE creating content (whatever that might be for your business) but loath the techy, logistic side of making your online business run smoothly. The thought of spending a day trying to integrate one system with another likely gives you the ugliest of eye twitches. 

But, believe it or not, those same hive-inducing techy, logistic things fire me up - in a good way! No, seriously! 

So whether you're looking for help with managing your email marketing, setting up your next course or simply just looking for some 1:1 training... you've come to the right place. 😎

Happy Nerdy High Fives, 

~ Katrina

We literally can’t imagine running our business without Katrina — she brings fun, energy, stability and a fantastic customer centric approach to her management of our community and chat service. Almost daily I’m brainstorming how we can bring her in for more hours, so snatch up time with her NOW before we make her alllllll ours!! (muahaha) 

Erin Kelly

Co-Creator of MemberVault

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